When the World is Running Down


When the world is running down,  you make the best of what’s still around.

As that classic Sting song went through my mind yesterday, I imagined the world, running down; terrorist victims, starved and abused children, (in the time it takes you to read this post, ten more kids will be die from hunger, about six every minute), workers smashed by collapsed factories, viciously abused animals and people tripping into each other as they jam together onto a narrow, crumbly staircase heading straight for my bedroom at three in the morning.

I woke up with a shudder. In the ten seconds it took me to open my eyes, another child died from hunger.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.

Another child, dead.  Five more people, forced from their home by violence.

(Today, like every day, 42,500 people will become homeless refugees.)

Half of the twelve million Syrians searching for shelter are children.

Are we positive that more violence and more rejection is the answer?

I have said this before, but if the murdered people in Kenya or Paris or New York or ANYWHERE came back, I just have to believe that they would express LOVE and forgiveness.

Surely children would run straight for their parent’s arms, and parents would scoop up their families and laugh with joy and happiness. Friends would hug and smile and cry with relief for one more moment together. I bet many of them would kiss the ground, more than once. Imagine one more glimpse of the sun! The moon! The stars! Each Other!

They would know.

Only love conquers hate. Only light extinguishes darkness.

These words are so easy to repeat (and re post).

Until something happens.

Martin Luther King Junior refused to budge from his peaceful stance, even when people were killed and terrorized. And he changed the world.

Non-violence is NOT non-action. (and throughout human history, nonviolence is more effective than violence in causing meaningful change)

So why do we ignore the power of peace in the face of violence?

Maybe because it’s very difficult to remember that love and peace are not feelings; they are the diamond bright light sabers that whip up into the planet strength spin of our world and twist that crumbling staircase of chaotic suffering into an upward bound,  intricate tapestry of glittery differences, and lasting peace.

Peace is NOT even close to an impossible dream. It is a state of being we can emulate RIGHT NOW.

“I have bad news for you” You are too small to do anything about world peace! So am I. But you are just the right size to cause peace inside of you. Now I have good news. That kind of peace is world peace.”- Bhante Sujatha

When the world is running down, we make the best of what’s still around.

Make the best of what, exactly? What’s still around?

Well, when your feet hit the floor today, you stood up on a perfectly designed orb spinning through space at one thousand miles an hour. The miracle of gravity is still around. The stars are still around.

YOU are still around.

Every time we want to think about a law or a different religion or whatever or whoever else we want to blame or change, we can remember; WE ARE RESPONSIBLE. (We are able to respond.)

For my part, I can meditate, pray, work for change, and love. I can get better at those activities with practice.

Yes, It is hard to exist in the tiny corner left standing for love and peace in our bombed up human foundation, but we can live there forever, if we are willing to dig deeply enough to make room for doubt and fear (and differences) in the face of terror.

In fact, if we work together, we can take turns and dig until we get to the other side of the world, where we can rebuild our human home with the cornerstones of peace, faith, love, understanding and forgiveness.

“Father, forgive them.” – Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much, for reading my post.  Mary

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