Thankful (for fourteen billion years of prep!)

Scientist estimate that the universe worked for 14 billion years to get ready for humans.

Rather than ask yourself, “Am I worthy of my dreams? Do I deserve a happy life? Am I good enough to go for it? ” ask the more powerful questions:

Are my goals and dreams worthy of ME? Are they worth the investment of  my life-time, a one of a kind miracle in which the universe invested 14 billion years?

Am I acting as if I am a miracle? Am I treating my time here as a precious, irreplaceable gift?

What about this moment? And the next? What do I want?

What have I been doing with my time? What am I going to do next? What am I thinking about? What am I learning?

How do I feel about myself and my life?

Am I enjoying my self, or is 14 billion years of effort not enough to satisfy me?

Maybe I AM good enough. Maybe I can do it, after all. Maybe it’s my turn to shine.

(You are, and always will be, a miracle . It is NEVER too late to realize and experience this fun fact-you are the only one who can be you.)

With profound thankfulness for all of you, on earth, with me,

Love and Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours,


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