The Happiness Bank ( Reserves of Emotional Resilience)

changejarThe Happiness Bank-(Emotional Resilience Reserves)

Money is a loaded subject for most people, filled with past and future associations, both positive and negative. For this reason, a big jar of change on your kitchen counter can have different effects on different people. For some family members, it’s a boost, reminding them that there is always plenty; for others, it might be a reminder of being broke or a future fear generator. (What if we have to break into that jar one day?)

Most of us learned the importance of financial reserves at an early age. It’s age-old, universal wisdom; money in the bank is a good way to ensure a happier future. But there’s other banks that are at least as important as money. There’s the friendship bank, the intimate relationship bank, the happiness bank, the emotional resilience bank, the love bank, and the physical fitness bank, for example. (We need the equivalent of 6 months reserves and a retirement account in all of these too; in fact, that’s why I try my best to stay a few pounds under my goal weight-my “fat reserve” really helps me during the holidays!)
This is one of the many reasons that I am replacing that clear jar of change with a happiness bank, right now.

It’s very simple-just keep a stack of small papers next to the jar, and once a day, write down something that felt good that day-it can be as small as the pillow on your bed that morning or as big as a child’s high school graduation. It can be a healing conversation with a friend or a pleasant clerk at the grocery store. As this jar fills, you’ll notice a subtle shift in the way you feel as you pass by it you can literally grab a random emotional boost out of that jar ( just read one of the notes) at any time.

As far as money as that money on the counter, start generating positive associations with wealth and money by covering the change jar with inspiring words and pictures. (and remember, you can label envelopes with dreams, not just groceries and the electric bill.)

These simple steps will start your subconscious ( and if you practice faith, your higher power and the universe) working smarter than your conscious mind can even imagine. (AND it is just happens to be one of the ways to plan for, and handle obstacles in advance, which of course, happens to be the subject of my next post- see you soon I hope!)

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