Peace Works



Can we fight violence with peace?

There is a classic story about an elderly monk in Tibet, who refused to flee when the Chinese invaded the country, even as the most vicious general of all invaded his monastery.  This general was known for cruelly disemboweling monks with his sword while they screamed for mercy.

The general shouted at the elderly monk, who stood calmly before him:

“Do you know who I am? Why, I could take my sword right now, plunge it into your belly, and remove your organs without batting an eye!!”

The elderly monk smiled.  He replied softly:

“Do you know who I am?”

“Why, I could allow you to take your sword right now, plunge it into my belly, and remove my organs without batting an eye.”

The general looked away, and ordered his men to leave the monastery.

History demonstrates, time and again, that peace outperforms violence as a way to solve the problems of this world.

Peace works.








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