Meditation Matters Most During Busy Times

Meditation Benefits: Staying Calm In Chaos

Mindfulness Meditation matters most during busy times.

If you feel anxiety approaching with the holidays, consider healing your mind. Most of us have heard about the idea that we should stop and meditate more during stressful times. This is confusing, because under stress, it seems like we should DO something. Through personal experience though, I’ve learned to follow that strange advice and double my meditation during my busiest times.

When I meditate for an hour, I get frustrated, bored, impatient, scared and convinced that I need to get up and do something already.

The practice of letting these feelings pass while I sit still and soothe myself with my breath, is invaluable. I’ve practiced letting the boredom of a long line, the frustration of a drunk guest and the irritation about consumer pressures at Christmas time, pass. I’ve sat through the feeling that I better do something about this right now, and breathed my urgency away.

From sitting for longer periods, I grow familiar with the temporary nature of feelings, sensations and thoughts. I stay calm in chaos.

Meditation Benefits: Access To Your Wisest Self ( The God Within)

I am in the process of re-editing and revising My Wish.

“Make a determination to practice, at least 5 or 10 minutes, every day. Heal your wounded mind. This will help you love yourself, so you can love others.”- Venerable Bhante Sujatha

As I read what I wrote about meditation, these thoughts occurred to me:

Not meditating or engaging in self-reflection is essentially me, ignoring me.I picture my deepest self as a child, trying to get my attention while I stare right through her as if she’s invisible. The monk talks about healing our wounded minds. I believe that our minds (and our inner selves) are injured when we fail to examine them on a regular basis through introspection and meditation.

It’s like refusing to ask the wisest, most powerful, open and vulnerable person in the world.

I understand this. I struggle with my self-image almost every day as I interact with people that seem “better off” than me.

When the distinguished monks on the stage in Sri Lanka opened My Wish, I was pretty sure they would be disappointed in my book about Venerable Bhante Sujatha. I’ve learned that the more intimidated I feel, the less in touch I am with my small but mighty inner self, who always knows exactly what I need.

See, she’s not a little girl. She’s someone with the clarity of a child, the bravery of a warrior, the power of a king, and the wisdom of a dear friend who always wants what’s best for me.

I used to think that ignoring my mind and the deepest parts of myself were smart ways to move on, but I am pretty sure that ignoring our minds and our inner lives has the same impact as ignoring anything. It is not benign, any more than ignoring your hair, your body, or your house.

Neglect hurts, and somewhere inside all of us, there’s an abandoned part that will apply constant pressure until we listen, and see.

Loving Kindness Meditation:  Being Your Own Best Friend

“Just wish yourself the best. Say I hope you have the best day ever to yourself. Be your own best friend.” – Vimala Bhikkhuni, Blue Lotus Temple & Meditation Center

I can also wish myself to be happy, well and peaceful and send that intention to others as well.

May I be happy. May I be well. May I be peaceful. I would not even think of saying this to myself as I stand in line in a crowded retail store, unless I’ve practiced Loving kindness meditation. Loving Kindness mediation is also known as “metta”.

This is what it means to love kindness. I put kindness to myself and others first. It is the first thing I turn to when I feel anxious or under threat or angry. May I be well. May I be Happy. May I be peaceful. May you be well, May you be happy. May you be peaceful.

It is so simple that it seems unimportant, but these practices actually fracture the trap of self-degradation and cause tectonic shifts in the way that we experience life.

As sugared-up kids knock on our doors this Halloween, reminding us about the frenzy soon to come, try to remember to wish yourself well on a regular basis, learn to use your breath as solace, and allow yourself to know and love yourself completely.

Thank you so much for reading my post. I hope that you have the best day ever.


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