This morning I forgot again; What I focus on (in this case being tired and cold) expands.

I have to remind myself every other second it seems, that what I want runs exactly parallel with what I don’t want. This means that I can switch my attention to what I want in the middle of experiencing it’s opposite.

I re-directed my attention to the good feeling of the cool air around my face and the gentle breeze from my fan, which contrasted nicely with the steady breath and constant warmth of my loyal dog, sleeping at the foot of the bed.

Pretty soon, I felt much better, and before I knew it, I couldn’t wait to get up and see what was next.

I don’t practice the law of attraction to gather up more money, stuff or achievements.

I use it, moment-by-moment, to better my mood by switching my attention to thoughts and circumstances that feel good.

When I address my mind and my heart before I take action (even the small action of getting out of bed),  Grace plucks me up like a toddler in a crowd.  From atop her broad, steady shoulders, I can see right past the big crowd of worries, fears and imagined terrible outcomes.

I can see that I am re-acting out some past hurt or circumstance every time I feel the need to defend or control and that I am imagining feeling bad in the future almost every time I feel bad in the present.

It’s simple, really.  I elevate my mood, which elevates my view and optimizes my choices before I act.

This is the reverse of the way I used to operate-wrangling with situations so that I could finally be happy.

Now I see: Happiness is the path to happiness. Satisfaction is the first step to being satisfied.

Joy comes long before joy and peace is the way to peace.

My life circumstances improve as my mood improves.

This is pretty easy to remember is relatively benign situations. In the middle of a winter walk to work n the city, I can zero in on my warm belly, and breathe. At tax time, I can turn on a Will Ferrell movie and smile as I go through my receipts.

It’s much harder to practice in circumstances which seem to insist that I feel bad.

Grief, rage, loss, aging, illness-all seem to demand that we turn over our choice about how to feel and think.   It actually feels irresponsible to care about feeling good when I am losing someone I love or when I have made a mistake that burt other people. But if I go back to the idea that the law of attraction is meant to elevate me so that I can access a broader, spiritual view,  I sees that the better I feel, the more likely it is that I can help the people around me.

I can change my thoughts and influence my mood. Feeling bad can be considered an irresponsible act when I miss the space between my thoughts and the circumstance.

Of course, it is perfectly human to feel bad in about a million different ways, for a million different reasons.  Sometimes, I need to feel my feelings, so that I can move through them.  But for me, it’s important to remember that my first thoughts are not a reflection of my wise, inner being;they are randomly generated reactions based on past experiences,  the product of the flawed idea that this or that is wrong and I need to fix it.

Sobbing on my couch in the winter of 2012, in the deepest depression I ever experienced, this concept saved my life.  In the middle of my grief,  I was able to notice my thoughts and while it took lots of therapy, time and faith practices to recover, the healing began the moment I admitted that with effort, I could change the way I was thinking and feeling.

As my dear friend and I stepped off the train from Chicago, it came to both of us that we have to enjoy our lives right now. When more than 3 billion people can’t take a hot shower, gulp down a cold drink, or access the internet, we can’t  allow ourselves to squander our time on bad moods.

I believe we impact the world with our thoughts.  Yes,  rage can be a motivator and grief can change our life, but until we get the impact of the way we think and feel about ourselves and our life, all of our progress is made in the hardest way possible.

Human will power is a joke compared to the awesome grace of a higher power, the benevolent wishes of all beings, and the collective force of our beautiful minds.

We really can appreciate, meaning we can increase the value of, our life and all that is in it, simply by changing our thoughts, breath by breath, moment by moment.

Thank you for reading beautiful, lovely people.


Happy Sunday, and May all beings be well, happy and peaceful.






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