Beautiful Lessons

Neil’s mother uses playfulness to teach her son one of the most important lessons in all of Buddhism. “You see, you cannot attain the happiness of enlightenment without seeing through two eyes, Chudipatha (precious little son), like this.  One eye is karuna (compassion).  The other eye is panna (wisdom).  Lalitha smiles and holds her right more »

Chapter One-The Cobra

“Stop it, dog! You’ll trip me!” Lalitha is carrying a load of just-washed-in-the-river laundry up the hill to her small home in Peradiniya, Sri Lanka. It is early morning, and the heat is already here. Her hand under the basket is slippery with sweat and she shifts the load from her shoulder down to her more »

Biography of Bhante Sujatha

“What do you think about this concept of reincarnation?” The little monk is leading a class at Penn State University, where about 60 students have come to see him speak. He smiles at the student who seems interested in the concept of rebirth. “Oh, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter much.” The student tilts his more »

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