Detachment and Responsibility: Free Gifts for All of Us

imagesFor me, the word detachment has the same cold feeling as the word rejection.

But my practice has taught me that detachment is actually a loving, warm, and generous act.

Detachment is not turning our back on someone and saying ” I don’t care about you.” It’s not rolling our eyes as we say “I did all I could,” or gritting our teeth while we learn to “tolerate” someone, and let them “learn their lessons.”

Detachment is actually unhooking each other from the responsibility for our happiness.  It’s letting everyone off the hook of our unhealthy idea that the outside world is the cause of our internal state of being.

Responsibility is another word that used to occur as a burden for me; now I understand it as a priceless gift.  The ability to respond allows me to stay happy, healthy and productive during the shortest most challenging days of the year ( aka the holidays-ha ha).

I need to admit, in each and every moment,  that I have the ability to respond in any way I choose-I  CAN invoke a pleasant thought, a reassuring feeling or a motivational idea, no matter what is occurring around me. I don’t HAVE to eat too much, drink to excess, blow my budget, or engage in other unhealthy habits-I can be mindful, and still have loads of fun.

This holiday season, remember there is a space between your insides and all of the events, words, and feelings outside of you.   Consider giving the heartfelt gifts of detachment and responsibility to you and your loved ones.

Let go of expectations and demands.

Responsibility and detachment really are beautiful, free gifts, available in every single moment. (yep, even that one.)

Thank you for reading my post, and I hope that this shortest day of the year allows all of us to reflect, renew, and remember our joy.


Have a beautiful day,





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