Independent Dependence

Connection“The main object is to enable you to find

a Power greater than yourself which will solve your problem.”

In case anyone gets confused, that is the entire point of the classic book, Alcoholics Anonymous, according to its’ authors. Your higher power can be your deepest self, your kitchen table, a religious deity, or your own personal faith practices.

Pretty great stuff, I think, which gets mixed up with a lot of other great and not so great stuff.

Independence is often the result of dependence on something, whether it’s the silent light generated by unseen electricity, the unconditional love of your mom, or your personal faith.

This paradoxical truth reminds me that my practices work on me; I really don’t work on them, other than to just show up and put my fingers on the keyboard, my butt on the meditation cushion, my hands in prayer position, or my yoga mat on the ground.

I’ve been engaging in the rigor of writing my next book, which is about a subject close to my heart, for at least 25 minutes a day, and each and every time I sit down to write,  I hear an almost nonstop running commentary that goes something like this:

“I don’t have time for this, This is stupid. I can’t say that!  Oh man, this is so boring, who would read this, I need to make more money really, I can hardly think, I really need to clean my house, oh my gosh, this is going to take forever,” and on and on and ON.

This habit of working on my book every day, sturdy enough to withstand the incessant naysayer within, is the result of allowing myself to be totally dependent on powers MUCH greater than me. My higher powers include noble friends, steady health habits, and regular faith practices.

Today, I am celebrating my dependence and honoring all people for their independent choices about how to live their best life, in a country that allows for my thoughts to go out into this challenging, complex, beautiful world.

Happy Fourth, America.

Let freedom, and unconditional LOVE, especially for yourself, ring.

“Independence? That’s middle class blasphemy.

We are all dependent on one another, every soul on earth.”

– George Bernard Shaw



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