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Meditation Matters Most During Busy Times

Meditation Benefits: Staying Calm In Chaos Mindfulness Meditation matters most during busy times. If you feel anxiety approaching with the holidays, consider healing your mind. Most of us have heard about the idea that we should stop and meditate more during stressful times. This is confusing, because under stress, it seems like we should DO more »

Anne Frank: No One Need Wait A Single Moment To Begin To Improve The World

Peace Is Not A Spectator Sport: Anne Frank’s Chestnut Tree I am writing a short story inspired by Anne Frank, and I came across this quote in my research. “Peace is not a spectator sport… The enemies of peace don’t need your approval. All they need is your apathy.” – President Clinton, at the Anne Frank more »

Mindfulness Practice For Inner Peace And Well Being: Becoming Whole By Falling Apart

A Mindfulness Practice For Inner Peace and Well Being Last week, I had the inaugural gathering at my new, MUCH smaller place. It took almost 6 months to have my first party because downsizing took about 30 times longer than I imagined. (and it was WAY harder to let stuff go than I thought it more »

Why Heavily Meditated Brains Really Are The SureFire Path To World Peace

When the Dalai Lama said that if every 8 year-old in the world learned to meditate, we would have world peace in a generation, he was scientifically correct.   I did some research for a recent speaking engagement about mindfulness at work and it turns out that the catch in your throat as you are more »

3 Questions to Ask BEFORE you stuff your face-the power of Practice when you need some love

At a refuge recovery meeting in Chicago last night, I was inspired with the idea that I could use loving kindness to help with my addictive tendencies. As I reached for the usual late night salty snack, I paused. “May I be happy May I be peaceful, May I be well. ” I repeated this more »

7 ways to build Confidence-A Gift At Any Age

“What makes the desert beautiful,’ said the little prince, ‘is that somewhere it hides a well…” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince Scientists were surprised when they found the tangled yuck of Alzheimer’s and dementia in the autopsied brains of people who had never lost functionality.   These people had some memory loss and more »

Word Temple

  And now this, from Ikkyu, an ancient Zen priest: ( he is described  as “rascally”)   I’d love to give you something but, what would help? Self other right wrong wasting your life arguing face it you’re happy, really you are happy.   ( The symbol at the top of this post represents  the more »

The Maddest Dog

The Maddest Dog of All I’ve been assigned to do a research project about Islam. (and Christianity and Judaism and all ism’s and ams everywhere and yes I am including you too, Buddhism, Hinduism, and atheism!) I am sick and tired of people using words like sacred, faith, or belief as a shield for oppression more »

Bending the Arc

Whoah, excuse my vertigo! I am a little dizzy sitting way up here, on top of the shoulders of so many hard working, relentless voices for equal rights! Regardless of your political views or affiliations, please give yourself the gift of a moment today to reflect on the fact that a woman became a presumptive more »

The Greatest

This is why I love Muhammad Ali ( and you will too, if you read his autobiography!) When I get back to the hotel, we rush to pack and get ready for the flight to Atlanta. I’m making phone calls to Philadelphia when C.B. Atkins, one of Herbert’s business aides, and Blue Lewis, my sparring more »

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