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The Maddest Dog

The Maddest Dog of All I’ve been assigned to do a research project about Islam. (and Christianity and Judaism and all ism’s and ams everywhere and yes I am including you too, Buddhism, Hinduism, and atheism!) I am sick and tired of people using words like sacred, faith, or belief as a shield for oppression more »

Bending the Arc

Whoah, excuse my vertigo! I am a little dizzy sitting way up here, on top of the shoulders of so many hard working, relentless voices for equal rights! Regardless of your political views or affiliations, please give yourself the gift of a moment today to reflect on the fact that a woman became a presumptive more »

The Greatest

This is why I love Muhammad Ali ( and you will too, if you read his autobiography!) When I get back to the hotel, we rush to pack and get ready for the flight to Atlanta. I’m making phone calls to Philadelphia when C.B. Atkins, one of Herbert’s business aides, and Blue Lewis, my sparring more »

Money Matters

One of my favorite people is a very successful dentist. When I asked him about the secret to his obvious financial success, he said this: “Some of my patients struggle to pay dental bills and I just refuse to waste any of the money they earned. Even if it is easy for someone to pay, more »

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