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The real root of evil

Pope Francis said that inequality is the root of all evil. I have a hard time thinking anyone knows the root of ALL evil, but I think I can see the point he was making. No one is better, or worse, or more or less deserving of compassion (or a fair wage) than you or more »

How To Love Your Whole Life

Last night, a dear friend told me she’d been crying, thinking about an upcoming move into a home with her boyfriend. She told me she really wanted to accept his invitation to move in, but she was afraid. Part of her was convinced that her boyfriend would realize that she wasn’t “all that “ after more »

Only Love

With profound sympathy for those who were lost and those who have lost them, I am inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Only light conquers darkness. Only love conquers hate. Only love. I keep thinking of the people that died. And the people that lost them. If they had one more more »

Memories, family and love

This morning on the train, I was reminded of the absolute best part about writing a book. A woman born in 1938 sat down next to me. (I knew her birthdate because she had a loud phone conversation with her doctor in which she gave her personal information.) I told her I was writing about more »

The Monk and The Stripper: Practicing Mindfulness in Las Vegas

“The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” Jiddu Krishnamurti One day, driving down the main strip in Las Vegas, I saw a billboard with the Buddha’s picture, saying, “Your thoughts create your world”. I’ve known this since I was a little boy in Sri Lanka, but I know Americans still wrestle more »


The  ebook version of My Wish is FREE today!  Even if you already read the book, can you please take a moment and grab your free copy, post a positive review, and feel free to share with anyone and everyone!  We’re at number one in the Buddhism free ebook category and I say that means more »

How to Get Advice from the President

I research and write for some relatively well-known clients, so I have to triple check every word; even studies cited over and over on the internet, (and in books!)turn out to be untrue on a relatively frequent basis. (I don’t mean just inaccurate by the way, I mean totally made up.) As a mindful person, more »

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