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Poetry ( by David Hernandez, a guy who really gets it)

  Lisa By David Hernadez Last night I traced with my finger the long scar on my love’s stomach as if I was following a road on a map. I heard the scream of tires, saw the flash of chrome, her six-year-old body a rag doll bleeding at the seams. It is foolish of me more »

Peace Works

  Can we fight violence with peace? There is a classic story about an elderly monk in Tibet, who refused to flee when the Chinese invaded the country, even as the most vicious general of all invaded his monastery.  This general was known for cruelly disemboweling monks with his sword while they screamed for mercy. more »

The Only Four Ways to Handle Anything and Everything

  You really can handle it all, right now. Take that piece of paper or that idea in your head and choose: Do it NOW, Delegate it NOW, Defer it NOW, or Drop it NOW.   Class Dismissed.  🙂 “Doing what needs to be done may not make you happy, but it will make you more »

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