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Detachment and Responsibility: Free Gifts for All of Us

For me, the word detachment has the same cold feeling as the word rejection. But my practice has taught me that detachment is actually a loving, warm, and generous act. Detachment is not turning our back on someone and saying ” I don’t care about you.” It’s not rolling our eyes as we say “I more »

How to Stop Fear from Stopping You ( It’s not you, it’s your brain!)

Do you feel stuck in an area (or two) of your life? Rest assured.  You are NOT alone.  Most people don’t follow through on their intentions to change.  (According to Forbes, only 8% of us follow through on our New Years Resolutions.) Most of us have given up altogether, resigned to doing our best without more »


“Imagine all the people, living life in peace.” Thank you God, for John Lennon. He died 35 yeas ago today, and I appreciate his life and his contribution more than words can say. #bringonthepeace

Hot Pretzels, Fireball Shots, and Big Faith ( Food Accountability Groups)

Two years ago, I was invited to join 3 other women in a texting group for food and exercise. It seemed overwhelming to me, but I was really struggling with my eating habits and I thought I would give it a try. This is the first text I received: “A big bite of sausage, a more »

Stop gossiping (love you, and your neighbor)

“I don’t know if I am becoming enlightened, but I am very happy anyway. I am getting better and better at loving-kindness!” – Venerable Bhante Sujatha, Buddhist monk For me, love your neighbor as yourself is not a commandment; it is just the truth. I believe that we love our neighbor (or anything or anyone) more »

Thankful (for fourteen billion years of prep!)

Scientist estimate that the universe worked for 14 billion years to get ready for humans. Rather than ask yourself, “Am I worthy of my dreams? Do I deserve a happy life? Am I good enough to go for it? ” ask the more powerful questions: Are my goals and dreams worthy of ME? Are they more »

How to deal with Disappointment (during the holidays and always)

Sometimes the holidays disappoint us.  Many people find themselves with more, or less company than they anticipated, and others feel sad or frustrated with the lack of perfection.  When we burn the main course, our teenagers leave the table angry, or our favorite uncle gets too drunk (again!), we often say this: “I am disappointed more »

The Bible and The Qur’an: Quotes to Ponder

  As a writer researcher, I usually force myself to read at least two books on a subject before I write about it. I would like the entire world to stop, and read the entire Bible and the Qur’an twice,  before any further commentaries or opinions about faith practices are bandied about. In the meantime, I more »

When the World is Running Down

When the world is running down,  you make the best of what’s still around. As that classic Sting song went through my mind yesterday, I imagined the world, running down; terrorist victims, starved and abused children, (in the time it takes you to read this post, ten more kids will be die from hunger, about more »

in my name?

I think if the Buddha, Jesus, God and Allah were to come back to earth, they would spend most of their time saying: No, no, that’s not what I meant. I never said that. I didn’t mean it that way! I didn’t write that. Well, yes, I might have said that, but it was like more »

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