Archive | October 14, 2014

ART IS LIFE (Black Umbrellas and Objects that Shriek-Magritte’s Gift)

Saw Magritte at the Art Institute yesterday. Now every single thing I see is art. “In pictures I show objects in situations in which we would never encounter them. This fulfills a real, but perhaps unconscious desire in one who habitually sees objects, to make every day objects shriek out loud.”- Rene’ Magritte The foggy more »

The Second Happiness Habit. Do One Thing AND Do It SLOWLY

“Smile, breathe and go slowly.” Thich Naht Hanh Last week, I took on the zen habit of doing one thing at a time. When I washed the dishes, I paid attention to washing the dishes, when I hiked, I did not talk on the phone. It was challenging and I failed far more times than more »

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