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Frames (Alms for Americans)

“He should have left the air conditioning running!” I complained to a friend as we sat in the hot back seat of a van. We parked on a busy road in Sri Lanka so our driver could run into a store to buy us some fresh bottled water.  The water in the van was already more »

Impact (A Heavy Load)

“Guess who’s carrying that home?” I joked with a fellow Blue Lotus Sangha member, while we observed the plaques, statues and books piling up on the stage during our teacher’s ceremony.  We all knew the gifts were probably going into our extra suitcases, used for school supplies from the states. I knew Bhante Sujatha was more »


I was climbing in Colorado with my son’s father when I experienced my first paralyzing fear of heights as an adult.  We were on the side of a mountain, on an easy slope, when Robert called out to me, to show me a mountain goat nibbling on the greenery.  I turned to look and froze.  more »


The dancers showed off in a final, long performance that stopped our forward motion in the hot sun on a bridge over the Mahaweli River. Mike Fronzcak, Bhante’s best friend, turned to me and said, “Mary, this is THE bridge.” He was talking about a story from our teacher’s childhood, when Bhante Sujatha threatened to more »

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